Aug 19, 2011

International Trade

"International trade" is a trade made by a resident of a state with a population of other countries on mutually agreed basis. Population in question can be inter-individual (individual to individual), between individuals with the government or a government with other governments. In practice, this trade is more complicated than in domestic trade. The complexity is caused by factors such as:

1. Region or country differences between buyers and sellers.
2. Goods must be shipped and transported from one country to another through various regulations such as customs, derived from the limitations issued by the respective governments.
3. From country to country there are differences in language, currency, estimates and scales, the law in trade and so on.
Every country that trades with other countries will certainly gain many benefits for the country. Benefits include:

1. Acquire goods that can not be produced in their own country
Many factors influence the difference in production in each country. These factors include: condition of geography, climate, level of mastery of technology and others. With the international trade, each country is able to meet the needs that are not produced.

2. Benefit from specialization
The main causes of international trade activity is to earn profits realized by specialization. Although a nation can produce a product the same kind as those produced by other countries, but they can sometimes be better if the country is importing goods from other countries. For example: the United States and Japan have the ability to produce cloth. However, Japan can produce more efficiently than the United States. In these circumstances, to enhance the efficiency of the use of factors of production, the United States needs to reduce the production of cloth and importing goods from Japan. By conducting specialization and trade, each country can obtain the following advantages
a. Factors of production that each country can be used more efficiently.
b. Each country can enjoy more goods than can be produced domestically.

3. Expanding Markets and Increase Profitability
With the international trade, means that market share not only in domestic market but expanded into overseas markets so businesses can maximize productivity to obtain the amount of product that a lot of flavor without any fears of over-production, resulting in falling prices of these products.

4. Transfer of modern technology
Foreign trade allows a country to learn a more efficient production techniques and ways of management that is more modern.

Jul 24, 2011

Furniture Care Tips

Hello all ... On this occasion I want to write an article about Furniture Care Tips, A tips are very simple and easy to do. Of course, friends do not want to do the same complicated clean-up the affairs of furniture? hehehe ... if I still really like caring for furniture, knowing I have a furniture business. When friends have a nice piece of furniture and expensive furniture, very unfortunate if left without any treatment. All types of furniture would have easily damaged if not cared for properly by the've got. At the very least, how good a piece of furniture, if not treated properly then it will look less attractive and has no aesthetic value, might even be an eyesore. Right?
Oh sorry there is an almost forgotten, tips that I want to sharing is to furniture made of wood, so how to treat them is different with furniture made of metal or plastic. "For furniture made of wood, how simple and easy to care for and maintain so as not to dull appearance" is as follows:

1. Friends can Preparing a small soft brush. The brush used to clean furniture parts that are difficult to reach as in the smallest corners of the easy dusty, or if the furniture that friends have is a kind of carved furniture, brush can be used to clean the carvings on the furniture. Cleaning the carving with a brush will be easier and maximize results make use of the cloth. Not believe? Prove it wrote itself ...

2. Then, if completed could be followed by spraying the pledge on the surface of the furniture. Maybe you never know what kind of pledge? understand, perhaps in another country other brand products. But if you are in Indonesia, you would easily mendapatkannya.Pledge is cleaning the various tools made of wood. Or it could use other types of similar functions exist in the country and of course all my friends. Before spraying pledge, furniture surfaces should be clean from dust.

3. Then, the spray had been wiped with a soft cloth or cotton cloth to clean.

4. Done ....
Friends can directly practicing with the tips that I have written above. You just do it 1 time in 1 week. And for each day, enough with the clean surface.
Author: Ichang


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